Frozen waterline in Forestburg to be dealt with

Many concerned village citizens joined the Forestburg regular council meeting on April 5, regarding frozen waterlines and the fact they have not been dealt with.
“ I know why you are here, and I will say justifiably so, you are here for a reason. This whole issue which, has been going on for weeks, I can not defend, and I will not try to defend,” began Mayor Blaise Young.
“We were told over and over that there was nothing that could be done or basically we weren’t going to do anything until everything would thaw out.
“I took a lot of calls, some from you people that are in here tonight.”
“I called a special meeting of council yesterday, and in that meeting, we have decided we are going to take action,” continued Young, “and this action was if it can be fixed, we are going to fix it. We said we would do what has to be done.”
Mayor Young shared that the line on Railway Avenue has frozen solid, and that the line is made with asbestos cement, meaning there more than likely will be a break in the line due to its current frozen state.
“We are taking steps” stated Mayor Young, “I think council, myself, CAO and our public works people, will be looking at some new protocols for next year because when these things happen, they need to be dealt with.”
“Potable water, I think, if one of the necessities of life,” Mayor Young stated, ”I think a municipality has to do everything they can to make sure residents have potable water.”
Mayor Young said work to amend the issue would begin right away.
Deputy Mayor Bob Coutts told council that this is not an isolated incident and that other municipalities such as Hardisty, are also dealing with frozen water lines.
“We are going to do whatever is necessary to help every citizen of Forestburg.”

Strategic planning
Council has decided to hire Russell Farmer and Associates Consulting Ltd. to develop a municipal strategic plan for 2018 to 2022.
The cost for Farmer and Associates is $5,400 plus $500 in expenses, although there are additional options to include if council wishes.
The 2018 budget allows up to $10,000 towards strategic planning.
The past strategic plan has expired and does not address the challenges of Forestburg.

Emily Wheller
ECA Review

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