Frightening answers for lovers of freedom

What a difference a week makes!  Last week we assumed we were Albertans “strong and free”, free to politely accommodate those still afraid of COVID, but also free to question the increasingly contradictory COVID vocabulary.  

How can “asymptomatic” people (those without COVID symptoms) pass on the virus?  

Are “estimates of cases”the result of the “false positives” and “false negatives” of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing? 

Why must we fear the “potentially more severe” new “variants” which vary only 0.3 per cent from the original virus?  

How can we believe “experts” who make conclusion about these variants despite the “missingness” of data because the cases so far are few?  

I submit that we have a serious “missingness” of common sense!

Have you noticed the sudden change in metrics to end this third lockdown?  

Steps are based on “immunity levels”.  No longer will case numbers be counted, but immunity – meaning the number of Albertans who have been vaccinated.  

Do you think these numbers will include those of us who have recovered from COVID, or is the goal to just keep Albertans locked down until all have been vaccinated?

And just why is Alberta Health Services (AHS) so angry with James Coates and Grace Life Church? Is it because the church has been open for months with NO Covid cases?  

The pastor’s statement that COVID is just a seasonal virus and should be treated as such, goes against the fear-mongering narrative of AHS, who are desperate to control Albertans.

And what has happened to our Premier who ran on the slogan of Alberta “strong and free”?  

It appears he has had a total brain transplant and has become a shill for Trudeau’s “Reset” plans.  

Though once a defender of religious freedom, Kenney is now known throughout the world as the premier who allows the takeover of the private property of a church, surrounding it with armed police whose salaries are paid by tax dollars.  

Rachel Notley makes a statement one week, and the next week Kenney enforces it!  

Before he was elected, Jason Kenney promised to stand up for Alberta’s energy sector, but he has done little but bluster and has actually sold us out to Trudeau according to the Nemeth Report.

Kenney reacts to the courageous few MLAs which oppose him by threatening to “kick them out of caucus” and call an early election.  

Will these MLAs continue to stand? Do we have the courage to back them? 

Will we bow down to this would-be king or will we be Albertans strong and free? 


Pat Holloway

Castor, Alta.  

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