Freezing in the dark?

Dear Editor,

Although Alberta sits on the mother lode of coal, we barely escaped freezing in the dark during our recent -45 C cold snap.

Level 1&2 Emergencies were issued for the power grid when the amount of natural gas in the pipeline was suddenly curtailed.

Of course, wind and solar were useless.

Coal was available, right next to the power plants, but it was difficult to start in the cold weather (although if the plant had been running with coal all along there would have been no issue).

Thankfully disaster was averted – this time.

Governments – at all levels – and power companies are blindly following the UN anti-coal agenda (not made by people living in cold climates).

When we can’t produce enough of our own electricity, power companies would rather spend millions buying coal-fired electricity from Montana and Saskatchewan where wisdom prevails.

To top it off, the power companies keep playing the system of garnering carbon credits and avoiding paying the large emitters carbon tax on coal.

The power plants don’t even have a guaranteed natural gas supply until the fall of 2021.

Alberta produces the cleanest, most environmentally friendly energy in the world.

Yet the ‘Laurentian Elites’ have decreed that we must close down our energy industries while we assist the shipping of U.S. coal to China via Vancouver.

Germany has exercised its “green” agenda and is building new coal-fired plants.

Alberta policies and companies make no sense, but, no lives lost – yet.

Once we were proud of “Alberta Energy”.

We are about to become the world’s laughing stock.


Pat Holloway,

Castor, Alta.

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