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I have been a supporter of an organization by the name of “ Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms” for a number of years.

I believe the organization was originally conceived and organized by John Carpay, a lawyer in Calgary.

The purpose of the organization was to provide assistance to people who had their freedom of speech or other freedoms trampled on by Human Rights Tribunals, Governments or other people, and entities in positions of authority.

The Justice Centre now has a staff of about 20 people including five lawyers.

Some time ago, I received a letter from them that included copies of four columns that had been submitted in various publications across Canada such as the Globe and Mail.

One of the columns was about a documentary that two women wanted to show at a library in Ottawa. The title was “Killing Europe”.

The library cancelled the film viewing amid claims that the film was Islamophobic propaganda.

This film had to do with some of the severe negative events that have happened in Europe such as an expediential increase in rape, especially Sweden and Norway, as a result of the large number of migrants that have moved into Europe in the last number of years.

Seventy-three per cent of these migrants are men. The statistics show that the perpetrators of these rape victims are overwhelmingly foreigners.

There was an independent inquiry into a Child Sexual Exploitation scandal where 1,400 children were beaten, raped and trafficked, while police refused to act because they feared accusations of “racism” because the perpetrators were of Pakistani descent.

In reading this column it got me thinking about the many situations that seem to be occurring now, where people are allowing themselves to be intimidated.

I think a good example of this was when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made it mandatory that to be a candidate to run as a Liberal you had to agree that you were in favour of a woman’s right to choose or in other words be in favour of abortion, except if you were a Muslim or a Sikh.

He exempted those two groups from his policy because he did not have the courage to risk a backlash from the Muslim’s because he knew that Muslims are opposed to abortion.

There have been numerous other occasions when Trudeau has gone out of his way to show support for Muslim’s while he seems to discriminate against Christians.

He purports to be Catholic but thumbs his nose at basic Catholic policy like abortion.

In my opinion, this is a prime example of him being a hypocrite and being intimidated by Islam.

Another example is the case of Abdulhi Sharif who was just convicted of running down a police officer and four pedestrians in a pair of vehicle attacks on Sept. 30, 2017.

While some police said it was ‘terror’, nowhere would the government or the media call it an act of terrorism because they did not want to admit to the public that there are terrorists in Canada.

It would appear that they are being intimidated by the radical Muslims.

I think one of the reasons so many people in the British Isles are supporting Brexit is that they fear the influx of Muslim migrants coming into the country.

As long as they are part of the EU, they have very little control over immigration.

One of the things I find disturbing about militant Muslim’s is that they are trying to get Sharia law accepted in Canada.

I am sure that the majority of Islamic women living in this country are not in favour of Sharia law because that law is designed for men to have absolute control over women.

Trudeau has made an issue of being a feminist but he has not come out to demonstrate strong opposition to Sharia law for fear of antagonizing male Muslims.


by Herman Schwenk

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