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Jason Kenney in jeans and a shiny blue pickup truck weaselled his way into the votes of Albertans, but he is still an Eastern politician, returning to his Liberal roots as Ralph Goodale’s executive assistant.  (That would be the Ralph Goodale, pro Wheat Board ‘Safety Minister’ of gun control infamy and traitor to western values.) 

The ‘summer of repeal’ and ‘holding Ottawa to account’ quickly fizzled. 

As the Nemeth Report states, Jason Kenney has quickly sold out Alberta’s petroleum industry to the ‘Great Transformation’ (p.44).  

Like Trudeau, he now views COVID as the ‘opportunity’ for a ‘Great Reset’ which, in his mind, sees himself as Prime Minister of Canada.

Sadly, we ‘cowboys’ still expect honesty from our politicians.  

We haven’t yet realized that backroom boys and girls are always pulling the strings, trying to align their policies with those of the eastern Laurentian elites, while filling their own pockets.  

In my opinion, a blatant example is the “election” of Erin O’Toole as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).  Backroom boys and girls manipulated the number of candidates, eliminating those they did not favour to be part of the ‘big blue tent’.  

Once O’Toole was elected, he soon began purging the party of those he considered undesirable and flip-flopped into liberal-lite policies (ie. his carbon tax, that is ‘not a tax’).  

Meanwhile western CPC MPs hide in the weeds hoping to form government under this ‘leader’?

Jason Kenney’s latest Bill 66 shows his desire to grant even more powers to his Medical ‘Health’ Officer, yet his government refuses to present actual medical evidence for their COVID policies in a court of law.  

Courts are allowing injunctions on churches, businesses and individuals with no proof that lock-downs work.  

Albertans are expected to ‘take the jab’ of ‘experimental vaccines’ and remain masked, distanced and isolated captives. 

Media, ‘Health’ Services and doctors may hide behind their masks but it will be Jason Kenney who will be held responsible for his arrogance and ignorance that has crippled our economy and allowed unnecessary deaths while destroying our rights and freedom.


Pat Holloway

Castor, Alta.

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