Freedom of choice, right to refuse

Dear Editor,

On Oct. 4, 2000, an ambulance was called for my 19-year-old son who was gravely ill. 

After they arrived he decided he wouldn’t go anywhere with them and he signed a release refusing care. 

The EMTs left his apartment since they did not have his consent to provide any services. 

After that he went to the ER at the Royal Alex but because it was so crowded he walked out. When his name was called they couldn’t find him and they didn’t look for him either. 

Freedom of choice, right to refuse. He died the same day about five hours after the EMTs left his apartment. 

There was not a thing we could do to make anyone accountable for this, believe me we tried. 

He died from meningococcal septicaemia. At the time there was an outbreak in this province with 40 cases and three deaths in the Capital Region. 

Even though he was dying, even though his symptoms lined up with the disease, he did not get the care he deserved because he refused the ambulance ride to the hospital and he chose to leave the ER. 

We were told this was his right and that there was no liability on the part of the EMTs who left him nor on the health care staff who let him go. We had to accept that.

Fast forward to 2021 and what is happening now? 

Health care workers, all employees and contracted employees of Alberta Health Services are being threatened with job loss if they refuse to take a COVID shot. They don’t get a choice. Either they submit to the coercion or they lose their jobs.

They are going to be put on an unpaid leave of absence. They will receive no pay, no benefits. They stand to lose everything if they do not get the shot. 

They will be cast out because they are exercising their right to choose, they are exercising their right to informed consent.

They are choosing what is right for their bodies by refusing a medical intervention which is what the vaccine really is.  

AHS has spoken. They have mandated the COVID shots and they have trampled over every right and every ethical principal that they tell us we have to protect as healthcare providers. They do not practice what they preach. 

They are disrespecting and disregarding every right we have.

Alberta HealthServices is threatening and bullying their employees. Some of these people have quit their jobs because of the stress; some are hanging in there until the last possible minute; some are in the depths of depression; some have been harassed at work; some have taken their lives. 

Tell me, do you think it is okay for this to be happening?

Is it okay to have the freedom of choice only if it lines up with what Alberta Health Services has cooked up?

This newspaper, according to last week’s editorial, is advocating for censorship of social media.  Why? Are you afraid the truth might come out?  Better yet, be careful what you wish for, you could be next on the list of censorship.

In my opinion, the reality is that thinking people are not easily swayed by all the government imposed restrictions and mandates. 

Thinking people are questioning the numbers, questioning the data, questioning the science which our leaders believe to be bullet proof yet which they will not discuss or debate.

The reality is also that we are losing dedicated staff who worked during the worst of COVID. They worked and cared for our most vulnerable population before vaccines were even available. 

Now they are being dismissed because they are exercising their freedom and their right to refuse.


Bonnie Danylyshen

Coronation, Alta.

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