Fowl problem

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Regarding the ECA Review report on Village of Morrin Aug. 16, 2023 regular council meeting.

• Jeremy Raisbeck’s presentation was not listed on the agenda for the meeting. Was he allowed a presentation without following the Procedural Bylaw which requires any presentation to be submitted in writing four working days prior to a meeting?

• Was Kevin Pilling, the chicken manager, invited to be heard?

• Did Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Plachner tell Kevin chickens were prohibited? Without having Kevin there to respond, comments such as this should neither be made nor considered.

• Should CAO Plachner be making comments attributed to the Community Peace Officer (CPO) without reading from a report or having the CPO there in person? (ie: the chicken manager was ‘very arrogant’)

• Is it appropriate for CAO Plachner and Mayor Hall to comment that if someone wants chickens “Go buy an acreage” or “if Red Deer allows chickens then move to Red Deer”? (quoted respectively)
NOTE: I understand now why our sewer is not being repaired. CAO Plachner and Mayor Hall probably expect Lynn and I to ‘buy an acreage’ or “move to Red Deer”!

• Did the council move a resolution directing CAO Plachner to amend the Village’s Animal Control bylaw and deal with it in a Special Meeting?

New subdivision
Council stated they could not speak openly about the new subdivision at this time.

• Prior to the Village sending CGN Construction an invitation to bid on the development of lots was the Village engineering firm consulted for cost estimates that would be borne by the Village for such a development?

• Will more than one developer be invited to consider the development?

• At what stage in this ‘development’ will the ramifications to the Village taxpayers be shared with the ratepayers?

Respectfully, Howard Helton

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