Fourth successful year for Haunted Museum

Brooke Horton-Pearcy protrayed the Tin Man in the Forestburg Haunted House on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

On Halloween and Nov. 1, a group of community-minded individuals teamed up to create a Haunted House in Forestburg that would be friendly for anyone.
The event took an entire month to create with more than 750 hours and over 40 volunteers involved in the creation process. The event has now had four successful years and hope to continue on for many more. This year’s trip down the yellow brick road brought you through the Land of Oz where you met the characters, defeated the witch, and returned to Kansas.
The event that has been known as the Haunted Museum was designed as a place to go on Halloween night for you to warm up, relax, and have some fun before returning to your trick-or-treating adventures. Each year the show is designed with the option of going through the adventure without the scares for those who only wish to see the magic, not the fright.
The building is opened again for the day after Halloween so anyone, parents or out-of-towners who were handing out candy or just unable to make it on Halloween could see the creation that is talked about by all their children, again with the option of just the show, or the fun scares of the journey as well.
This year’s theme, The Wizard of Oz, started you in Dorothy’s house where you were given a sheet of questions that you had to answer to get your candy for the evening.
Kids who didn’t want to go through the haunted house had other tricks and tasks to receive their candy.
Upon entering the start of the Haunted house, you walked through a tornado where you then appeared in Munchkin Land; here you met Glinda, played by Jody Pettigrew, who gave you her clue and sent you on your way to “follow the Yellow Brick Road.”
As you moved down the road you met the Scarecrow, played by Adam Clarkson, the Tin Man, Brooke Horton-Pearcy and the Lion, Jessica Norman. You then went through the poppy field to the Emerald City where you met the floating head of Oz, Grant Boddy.
From there you continued through the flying monkeys that were able to attack you, exiting into the witch’s castle where you had to blow bubbles at the Wicked Witch of the West, played by Carter Cannady.
After defeating the witch you went through the curtain to meet Oz before returning back to Kansas, for there is no place like home.

by Carter Cannady

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