Four-way Fire Services Agreement means change

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The Town of Coronation, Town of Castor, Village of Halkirk and County of Paintearth have joined together in a Fire Services Agreement.
The four parties involved have agreed to the joint use, control and management of fire extinguishing apparatus’ and equipment.
Several major additions and changes will occur because of the Fire Services Agreement.
The county will pay for 50 per cent to a maximum of $12,000 for a regional training initiative program. Previously, each department had to pay $1,000 per year.
The maximum operating life of fire trucks supplied by the county will be 25 years.
The county will provide a yearly payment of $15,000 to each municipality to cover general costs associated with operation of fire departments. Previously, the county provided $5,000 per year.
The county will now pay an hourly rate of $25 per fire fighter, to a maximum of 15 fire fighters, deployed for calls. The previous hourly rate was $20.
Municipalities will now submit their own bills to Alberta Transportation and will retain 100 per cent of the revenue. Previously, the county submitted bills and paid municipalities 50 per cent of the revenue received for calls over two hours.

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