Forestburg road sanding charges reduced

Written by Terri Huxley

Village of Forestburg council met Thurs. Jan. 21 to discuss the master rates bylaw.

In discussion, it was determined the sanding rates and minimums could be reduced.

Before the change, the minimum price was $150 per yard with a minimum one hour rental but administration found it never takes a full hour to do the work and had deterred industry and community from using the service.

Now prices are at half hour minimum for $75 per yard.

Council added they did not want to be competitive with private companies who do this work but also wanted to provide the service to those who may need it like the Lodge or businesses.

For unsightly premises, clean up costs (per man per hour) were changed to $200.

Council approved all three readings of the bylaw.

Community update

The annual Community Update is ready to go after council accepted the newest version.

A couple of minor adjustments were made as well to make sure it was good.

Council recommended the new chief administrative officer show his face by adding a photo of himself alongside a brief description as well as making some print bolder for the new subdivision addresses.

Now that it is approved, printing of the document will be done in booklet form.

The intent of the publication is to keep residents apprised of initiatives that have been undertaken by the village during the past year.

Returning officers

As per the Local Authorities Election Act, “An elected authority may, by resolution, appoint a returning officer for the purposes of conducting elections under this Act.”

Administration recommended that council appoint a staff member to act as the Returning Officer for the Oct. 18, 2021 municipal election.

It was agreed that Assistant Administrator Sharon Duncan would have this position.

Leann Congdon was also recommended to be appointed as a deputy returning officer to assist with election day and counting of ballots which council accepted.


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