Forestburg looking at lowering speed limits for certain roads

Written by Terri Huxley

Forestburg council spent some time at their regular meeting on Thurs. Nov. 4 determining what to do next when it comes to speed limits within corporate limits as recent complaints lodged about speeders came to the forefront.

The Province of Alberta has established the statutory standard maximum speed limit of 50 km/h on roadways within an urban area.

The majority of small cities and other urban municipalities have the provincial blanket speed standard but many make exceptions and lower the speeds in designated areas for speed control purposes.

Municipalities that have changed their maximum speed limit in a municipality-wide approach have generally chosen a maximum of 40 km/h such as the cities of Edmonton and Calgary have done earlier this year.

If this approach is taken, the province recommends the municipality post a community speed limit information sign at all entrances at the municipality’s cost.

Within the County of Flagstaff, all incorporated municipalities including Heisler, Daysland, Killam, Sedgewick, Lougheed, Hardisty and Alliance have a standard maximum speed limit of 50 km/hr.

Like Forestburg, Sedgewick has made an exception on one long residential street where they have lowered the maximum speed to 30 km/hr, as Forestburg has done for 54 Street W.

Council agreed to go with administration’s second option which is to consider specific reductions in speed on certain roadways, such as 57 Street W and 49 Ave. which has been the subject of citizen concerns recently.

The three-way stop located near the riding arena, residential area and Big Knife Villa is also under consideration of becoming a four-way stop to further slow down speeders in that area.

Membership renewal

Go East of Edmonton sent in a request to the village about their 2022 membership renewal and advertising rates.

The village has been a member of the Go East of Edmonton publication since 2013.

Their membership fee is $400 and the 1⁄2 page advertisement is $1,200 based on 2021 rates as it is stated in the request that “the rates are the same as last year”.

Council agreed to join again this year and were agreeable to the prices mentioned, passing a motion to solidify the decision.

Go East of Edmonton also asked the village to participate in their Road Trip Adventure Game which Forestburg and the Golf Course joined last year.

In 2021, the Golf Course paid the cost of $250 and offered a $50 prize contribution along with the Village. The cost of the Road Trip game increased $100 from the 2021 investment.

Council approved the request, agreeing to pay $350 and provide a $50 prize to participate.

They will seek out participation from the Golf Course again.

Meeting cancelled

With the upcoming Alberta Urban Municipalities Association convention taking place later this month, an overlap between the event and council meeting has happened.

As the majority of councillors will be attending the conference in person, council agreed to cancel the village meeting on Thurs. Nov. 18.


Terri Huxley

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