Forestburg councillors Young and Giroux to sit on negotiation mediation committee

During a regular Forestburg council meeting, on Mar 1, Mayor Blaise Young and Coun. Dwayne Giroux have been appointed to sit on the Joint Negotiation/Mediation Committee.
The village has initiated the annexation process of the airport lands, as per the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP).
“I don’t believe this to be a controversial annexation,” shared Forestburg Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Debra Moffatt.
Administration does not anticipate a significant number of meetings as four of the properties are already owned by the village and one other by an individual who has sent no protest.
Flagstaff County appointed Jeanette Herle and Melvin Thompson to also sit on the committee.

Assessment decline
CAO Moffatt shared in her report that Forestburg saw a residential assessment decline of $223,910.
Moffatt attributes this to the overall aging of buildings and also market comparisons. The majority of homes that have sold have been that of lower value.
Although the residential decline, non-residential assessment saw an increase of $81,470.
There will not be a major difference in taxes due to the assessment.

Sidewalk safety
Coun. Elaine Fossen brought a concern to council regarding the safety of sidewalks due to the accumulated snow and ice.
“It was dangerous and icy,” Coun. Fossen said as she shared her experience of walking on the residential sidewalks.
CAO Moffatt shared that once a formal complaint is made with village administration a notice is issued to the residence.
If the residence fails to comply with the notice a Public Works employee will be sent to clean the sidewalks.
Public Works employees are also to keep an eye out for any potentially dangerous and covered sidewalks that need to be cleaned.

Emily Wheller
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