Forestburg council: Reduced funding for Flagstaff Healthcare Attraction and Retention committee

Forestburg village council council moved to approve funding to the Flagstaff Healthcare, Attraction and Retention (FIHAR) committee of a reduced amount of $600 from the requested amount of $1,210.50 at their regular meeting April 11.

It was noted by Coun. Robert Frizzell that in the previous year the event did not showcase Forestburg and the program was disappointing and not comprehensive.

It was also noted that the 2023 FIHAR budget had not been spent to date with funds remaining of $9,042.12. Funding support for FIHAR would be allocated from the approved community development budget.

Area 53 raceway
Forestburg village council moved to approve silver level sponsorship support for Area 53 Raceway.
The silver level costs $2,500 as opposed to $1,000 for bronze as originally recommended by council, but as noted by Coun. Frizzell, “It is a big draw into town,” adding he has “Seen on those weekend events an increase in traffic, which is always welcome.”

Council also noted an increase in visitors to gas stations and restaurants when races were on.

Silver level sponsorship includes 2 ft. by 5 ft. signage at the track, a 8 ft. barrier length sponsorship on the track and acknowledgement on race days.

The approved sponsorship level will be drawn from the approved budget for community development.

Community enhancement fund
The village was pleased to receive a donation through the community enhancement fund in the amount of $4,050 which was larger than the original anticipated disbursement of $3,500.

The money would be distributed to the Friends of the Forestburg Fire Department and designated to be used for the Friends of Forestburg FRESS ceremony on April 20. An amendment to the Community Enhancement Fund will be made by administration.

Junior golf lessons
Sixteen junior golfers will participate in lessons at a reduced rate of $30 with the help of a $500 grant approved by council.
The application from the Forestburg Recreation, Arts and Culture Grant (FRACCA) was submitted by the Forestburg golf club in the amount of $480.

Council approved the request in the amount of $500 after Coun. Elaine Fossen moved to approve the new amount which would require the golf course to pay less.

Recreational space
New additional capital spending to be drawn from the parks and recreation reserve was proposed for a recreational space.
Several ideas were put forward including a splash park, pickleball court or a combination of basketball and pickleball.

Coun. Frizzell noted that this would give kids more things to do and would continue “to invest in the community”.
Council moved to further discuss a proposed recreational space.

Dog Park
A motion was made by Deputy Mayor Dwayne Giroux and approved to add discussion of a dog park to the agenda.
Several locations were discussed with one of the ball diamonds that had not been fully utilized last year as a possible site.

It was noted that the ball diamond perimeter is almost completely fenced and was suggested that public works may be able to put up temporary fencing where lacking as long as a mower could still access it.

Deputy Mayor Dwayne Giroux directed administration to look into formal options for discussion at a future meeting.

Cheryl Bowman
Multimedia reporter
ECA Review

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