Forestburg Council – Railway emergency plan requested

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Forestburg Town Council met on August 15 to discuss several matters of importance to the municipality, including the lack of updates regarding Battle River Railway’s (BRR) Emergency plans.

Council has not received a copy of the plan, or had any further correspondence from BRR after their initial request for an update in June of this year. At that time they were informed by the railway that they were working on a plan and are currently operating under the CN emergency plan.

“In light of the tragedy in Quebec, we want to better know the Battle River Railway Company’s safety procedures so we know we are prepared,” said Mayor Robert Frizzell.

Another issue discussed was the end of the Horton Court Case, a very costly court battle that Council recently won against a resident refusing to pay for a violation of Forestburg’s Animal Control bylaw involving vicious dogs at large.

“This was an expensive way of letting our citizens know we do enforce our bylaws,” CAO Debra Moffat said, in regards to the cost of the case.

With Council losing their MSI Operating grants in 2016 and receiving no government grants for operating costs, they have decided to invest in Metasoft, a company that provides a searchable database to help find funding from private sources. A motion was passed for council to pay $8,000 for membership to access this database for a period of five years.

“We are hoping Metasoft will open the doors to other sources of operating revenue,” said Moffat.

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