Forestburg Council discusses ambulance staffing

This column is a continuation of the Forestburg Town Counil meeting November 6, 2013.

Ambulance staffing
A letter from Forestburg Ambulance informed council that the Ambulance was not operational from approximately 8 am Saturday to 6 am Sunday, due to lack of staff. Shock and disappointment were predominant reactions to hearing that the Ambulance was not operational due to a casual staff calling in sick.
“This is unacceptable,” said Miller.
“I personally know a hardworking, volunteer firefighter, living in Forestburg who has applied for a job full time with the local Ambulance multiple times and keeps getting rejected. I see no reason that they should be turning down good workers when they are so understaffed,” Councillor Danaya Oberg said. “I will call with him myself and get this sorted out.”
“With the new council members in place there is a bit of a learning curve to go through and the dynamics around the table have changed a bit,” said Moffat in regards to council after the election. “However I think that on the whole we have a cohesive group that should work together well.”

New energy provider
The town is expected to get a new energy provider, 8760 Energy for a three year contract and AMSC will be informed of the change. After getting quotes from Enmax and other energy providers, a final decision will be made.
“[The current energy provider] never provided me with any real information,” said Moffat. “They have a basic lack of respect for the customer, send only a simple standard graph and quote that they give out to every customer, and give no real information on estimated costs or our consumption… 8760 Energy actually works with the town and will speak in plain English what there contract terms and estimated costs are.”

Emergency plan
A meeting with Battle River Railway about their emergency plans finally occurred with a couple members of council. BRR agreed to support local training of Forestburg’s first responders through the Railway Association of Canada. In light of recent rail accidents in Alberta this is a good sign for the community.
“It went well and they will be giving us a copy of their plans some time in December,” CAO Moffat said. “I think this heralds a lot more regional meetings between rail companies and the local municipalities for safe rail transport, as other communities in the area have the same concerns as us.”

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