Forestburg Concert Series kicks off new season

Forestburg Concert series kicked off their season with Sultans of String and guest singer Rebecca Campbell on Wed. Nov. 23. From the left, Eric Barton (percussionist), Drew Birston (bass), Rebecca Campbell (guest singer from Toronto), Chris McKhool (violinist), Kevin Laliberte (guitarist) and Eddie Paton (guitarist).
The Forestburg Concert Series opened their season with the Sultans of String; an instrumental group from Toronto, on Wed. Nov. 23 at the Forestburg Community Centre.
The Sultans of String is a unique instrumental group that often performs as a duo to a quintet in Canada, the US, and Europe.
They are a two time Canadian Folk Music Award winning group and twice JUNO award nominees, and their sound is referred to as “global sonic tapestry.”
They are talented musicians that blend the violin and acoustic strings “with electronic wizardry to create layers and depth of sound,” captivating the audience as they showcase musical styles from around the world.
Rebecca Campbell; a guest singer from Toronto accompanied them.
Campbell is an adept musician, singer, song writer in her own right and began her career singing rhythm and blues and soul.
“While we love playing music and touring,” Laliberte added, “We tour for short periods of time. We all have families that we value them so we create that balance.”
The Sultans of String are completing a three week tour of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

by Jamie Geddes

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