Forestburg ATB hosts ‘coffee break’ at gun range

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Tom Myschuk,  Forestburg ATB Branch Manager fires the Remmington Ultra Magnum (RUM) sniper rifle under the watchful eye of  Bill Green, former vice president of the Battle River Fish and Game Association. at a ‘Coffee Break’ event by the Forestburg ATB Financial branch. ECA Review/Submitted

Donna Smith, Relationship Manager-Business & Agriculture getting instruction on firing the ASENA semi automatic 20 gauge shotgun with removable magazine. ECA Review/Submitted


The Forestburg ATB Financial hosted their 57th Coffee Break event at the Battle River Fish and Game Gun Range on Thurs. May 11.
The local ATB chooses a local business or organization to connect with once a week. They bring coffee, goodies, and warm conversation with them as they provide a “Coffee Break” for those they are visiting.
ATB Customer Service Representative, Michelle Herbert says; “Our Manager, Tom Myschuk and our team began brainstorming ideas for how we could do things a little differently,” said ATB Customer Service representative, “that could help us connect with our residents on a more personal level.
“We ended up with the ‘coffee break’ idea and since then 15 out of 36 of our east central branches have followed suit.”
They started out by reaching out to local business and expanded to various local service organizations.
“Today, we got to experience shooting weapons. Some of us had never held a gun before and we got to see what the gun range has to offer,” said Myschuk.
Bill Green, former vice president of the Battle River Fish & Game Association and Joanne Green, current chairwoman of the Family Fun Shoot committee, were on hand to represent the association. Warren Lindblom assisted with the set-up of the event and setting targets as needed.
The Greens supplied the weapons, ammunition and targets. There was a range of guns such as .22 caliber rifles, a 12 & 20 gauge shot guns to use and some special weapons such as a 1948-1950 .22 caliber Winchester 67 rifle; an 8 mm Styler Mannlicher M95 carbine produced 1895-1923; an ASENA semi-automatic 20 gauge shot gun with removable magazines; a Northwest Company Trade musket- a 12 gauge smooth bore; and a Remmington Ultra Magnum (RUM) sniper rifle that has over a 1,000 yard reach and travels at 3,500 feet per second.
This was a welcome treat to be asked be included in the ATB Coffee Break, sais Bill Green, “and it was a good rehearsal for the upcoming Family Fun Shoot on June 3.”

by Jamie Geddes

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