‘Fools paradise’

The more you watch what is going on with our new Federal and Provincial governments, the more you realize that this country is going to be in very serious financial difficulty before long.

In my opinion the issue that will push it over the edge is their totally irrational climate change polices.

Many of the provinces, especially Alberta and Ontario will and are determined to implement climate change polices that are increasing electricity costs on industry and small business to the point where they become uncompetitive.  As well these rates put a real and unnecessary burden on residential consumers.

In my opinion the time has come for the public to push back on this destructive nonsense.

For more than the past 20 years the public has been brain-washed by left wing politicians, environmentalists and the media with misinformation.

They are told that the climate is warming up at an alarming rate, due to the greenhouse effect of increased C02 concentrations in the atmosphere caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

The media insist on reporting biased information instead of reporting true facts.

Satellites can measure world temperatures accurately minute by minute. They tell us that for about the past 20 years there has been virtually no increase in world mean temperatures while at the same time C02 concentrations have been increasing at a faster rate.

This has been confirmed in a study by lead author Jonathan Fyfe in a report supported by the United Nation’s own Inter-governmental panel on climate change.  Yes, C02 is a greenhouse gas but it is having a minuscule affect because it is such a small percentage of total atmospheric greenhouse gases, over 95 per cent is plain water vapour.

Common sense logic will tell you that Canada can not and could not have any impact on reducing world C02 emissions. We represent less than two per cent while China produces over 20 per cent.

The USA and India each produce almost as much, so why in blazes are the Canadian governments so insistent on destroying our economy on an unachievable objective?

You have to hand it to the environmental community.  They have successfully bullied politicians into believing that they are serving the public by implementing policies that they think will control climate change.
They are irrational and will go to any extreme to achieve their objective of putting an end to the use of fossil fuels.  These people and left wing government ideologues seem to think they have a social license to impose reckless financial polices on society, such as carbon taxes, subsidized wind turbines and solar farms.

It is time that a political party screwed up enough courage to confront this scourge of our economy on their “fools paradise.”

The Wildrose Party does not at this time have a Climate Change policy. This would be an excellent time for them to develop one that would clearly set them apart from the NDP and the PC’s. They need to communicate a policy that clearly rejects the current thinking of most of the governments in Canada, both federal and provincial.

The way to start is to conduct a province-wide poll. The pollster needs to first provide accurate information on the status of current world temperatures and then pose the question of their support for current government polices.  A positive poll would give the party a “social license” to come up with a policy that is diametrically opposed to current government policy.  It might also get the attention of the media and force them to start broadcasting some accurate facts.

The real problem that we have had so far is that there has not been a real debate on the issue of climate change, all the information made public so far has been one-sided.

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