Foolishness in our world

Dear Editor,

I have spent the last two months lazing around the house in my new role as caregiver and driver for my wife who had a hip replacement. 

The inactivity and cold weather resulted in me spending a lot of time watching and reading the foolishness in our world. 

Many examples stand out but the fact that Canadian health officials  used cell phone tracking to monitor citizen’s activity during the pandemic should awaken even those who are willing to slumber while our freedoms are confiscated for “the greater good.” 

The Canadian government seems quite willing to follow the American administration down the path of tyranny, mandating vaccinations at every opportunity,  even dismissing members of the military who are reluctant, and in the case of the Americans using their reluctance as suspicion that they voted wrong and purging them.

Even in Alberta we had the AHS dismissing health care workers who wouldn’t jump through the hoops until they had to back off because of a shortage of workers. 

Alberta should be better than this although I would expect it of Quebec. Their government is proposing a special tax for the unvaccinated. 

You may believe, as I do, that for most people, but not all, the vaccine is beneficial. However when mandates are invoked, any approval dissipates. 

In fact, after watching Dr. Fauci and Dr. Tam, I believe that anyone who is sceptical is exercising good judgement. 

It would be laughable if wasn’t so serious but it is interesting that the pro-choice liberals whose mantra is my body – my choice are usually the first to want to punish the vaccine reluctant.


Gord Snell

Three Hills, Alta.

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