Food for thought on racism

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Dear Editor,

The colour of your skin doesn’t define racism, but the way you act does! 

If you act like a human being, you’ll most likely be treated like one, and if you act like an A-hole, that’s the way you’ll be treated. 

Very simple cure for racism, just act like a human being!

Our Prime Minister and his Government won’t even stand behind their own police force.  How sad is that? 

In fact, in my opinion, the Government and the Media are all behind the criminals. 

There is no way a policeman should be held accountable for a criminal’s stupidity. 

Now they are talking about defunding the police!  They are likely underfunded like any other department. 

If that isn’t bad enough, there’s even talk of disbanding the police. I guess they want to go back to the “Law of the Jungle!” He who has the biggest club rules the roost! 

Or better yet, I suppose we’ll all have to pack around an AK47 to provide for our own safety. Boy, won’t that be chaos! 

Our policemen and women put their lives on the line for us every day, and because of a few incidents involving a few criminals that decide to resist arrest and try to fight a half dozen officers, and of course, they stand a good chance of getting hurt!

Well, boo hoo, too bad! 

The sad part of it is, they have stirred up all the country to try to trash our police. 

I’m sure there are enough people around that can see through this and will stand behind the police even if our Prime Minister doesn’t stand up for them!

Robert Blagen

Youngstown, Alta.

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