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Paul Van Doren of Three Hills with Lori McRitchie, left, executive director of the Airdrie Food Bank and Stephanie Walsh-Rigby, executive director of Food Banks Alberta. Van Doren was recognized for his long service on the provincial board Sat., May 26, at the annual Food Banks Alberta convention in Jasper. ECA Review/Submitted

Paul Van Doren of Three Hills, was honoured at a provincial food bank convention Sat. May 26, in Jasper.
Van Doren, co-founder of the Three Hills Food Bank in 2001, sat on the provincial board for 10 years, before being forced by term limits to step down.
The annual provincial convention drew over 110 food bank delegates and food industry reps and suppliers from across the province and from 35 food banks.
Delegates not only learned how to prepare for disaster situations in which a food bank could be the only food security source, but how some Alberta food banks are expanding their community roles beyond basic food supply into addressing the root causes of poverty and food insecurity.

David Nadeau
ECA Review

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