Following the herd

Jason Kenney has been adamant since becoming the leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP) that his first legislative act if he became premier would be to repeal the carbon tax.

So far so good!

Now we find that other than axing the tax, he really doesn’t disagree that much with Notley’s “Climate Change Plan.”

According to the Globe and Mail, he has stated that he believes in human-caused climate change and will find a different way to decrease carbon emissions.

It would appear that he completely disregards the science of real climate scientists, that report their findings based on evidence and not consensus like environmental scientists.

For example, the temperature on Mars and the Earth exactly parallel to each other and Mars does not have carbon emissions.

Kenney should listen to scientists like Freeman Dyson, who is one of the world’s most important thinkers, and Patrick Moore.

Kenney does not have the courage to stand apart from the mainstream media or other political leaders when it comes to the issue of climate change.

He is taking the easy way out and just following the herd. He should be condemning Notley’s entire “ Climate Leadership Plan”. Kenney is going along with the “old” Progressive Conservative (PC) system of top-down policy development.

This included allowing the PC political establishment to orchestrate dishonest candidate nominating contests like the one in the Drumheller-Stettler constituency.

This board was totally biased in favour of one candidate and did everything it could to prevent members from voting for another candidate.

They also found a questionable excuse to disqualify a third candidate from competing.

There have been numerous UCP contests that have been controversial with some candidates being disqualified and others have given preferential treatment to the parties “preferred” candidate was allowed to win.

What has been obvious ever since the UCP’s founding meeting is that operatives from the legacy PC party have been purging people from the legacy Wildrose Party?

They do not want grassroots ideas and influence in this party. Real democracy is not in their DNA.

You only use democracy when it works to your advantage.

As has been pointed out in articles and columns from other writers the ‘party system’ has a systemic weakness.

The leader decides how everyone in the caucus will vote on almost every issue.

The caucus member is not given the option to voice the concerns of their constituents in the legislature or parliament.

Independent members of the legislature do not have that constraint. They can freely represent the concerns of constituents in that public form.

What you really have with the party system is a different form of herd mentality.

The herd follows the leader.

In my opinion, if the UCP had real leadership it would be staying true to the grassroots philosophy established at the founding convention in Red Deer on May 4 – 5, 2018.

The delegates there did not visualize that the UCP leadership would condone cheating to have candidates elected that were the choice of the party hierarchy rather than members.

The grassroots members of the party should have been free to nominate candidates that would represent their interests.

It seems to me what we will have now in the UCP is a form of dictatorship that represents the aspirations of the leader rather than party members.

For example, getting back to the climate change issue, caucus members would have to support the leader’s position on the issue.

An independent MLA would be free to expose the fraud that is currently being perpetrated on humanity.

Wouldn’t that be a change!


by Herman Schwenk

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