FOIP request nets zero results

A FOIP request to the Commissioner’s office by the ECA Review was denied due to the documents being over 30 years old.

In response to the FOIP Commissioner’s order to look for the motion pertaining to an RRSP schedule, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner writes the request is denied in a letter dated August 26, 2019 addressed to the ECA Review.

“After searching for the said documents, it was discovered that they are no longer in existence. These documents are over 30 years old,” concluded the letter.

John Siemens, a resident of Morrin had first made the request on Aug. 16, 2018 for the minutes pertaining to the RRSP payment in lieu of a pension and the schedule, as they are public documents.

Again on Oct. 5, she responded “Your requests are not a priority” and then when pushed she replied that “I told you I am busy with Government priorities. This is harassment.”

Ms. Plachner did contact the RCMP to submit a harassment complaint but Seimens stated in an email, “I was informed by the RCMP, as I already knew, that my questioning of the CAO was not harassment. I had every right to question an appointed government official and there would be no charges for doing my civic duty.”

Plachner had initially said it was a bylaw at the July 2018 meeting. Siemens eventually received the schedule of payments which was signed and sealed by a former mayor (now deceased) and dated on November 19, 1989 which was a Sunday, however, minutes had yet to be produced.

The schedule showed payments were to start in 2005 when CAO Plachner reached 23 years of service to the village.

Council motioned to have these minutes produced as far back as their December 2018 with no results forthcoming.

A motion was again passed by council in January 2019 for the six items including the 1989 minutes and RSSP schedule to be carried out by the CAO by the February 20, 2019 meeting.

Again, the motion had not been fulfilled with CAO Plachner stating she was not going to go down to that dusty basement.

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