Flyers stack up after Canada Post removes garbage cans from offices

Flyers stack up at Coronation's post office.
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Flyers stack up at Coronation's post office.

Flyers stack up at Coronation’s post office.

Canada Post ordered all of its post offices to remove garbage cans from their locations. Canada Post said this was done to discourage people from throwing away their flyers when they come to pick up their mail.
Canada Post said it is paid by businesses to deliver flyers and if people are immediately throwing their flyers away at the post office and not taking them home then it is not doing its job.
Canada Post also said it cannot recycle flyers that are discarded at the post office and it encourages people to take their flyers home and recycle them there.
Discarded flyers have been stacking up at both the Coronation and Stettler post offices after the new rule was implemented.
If people do not want to receive any flyers they are asked to switch over to a ‘Consumers Choice’ mailbox.
‘Consumers choice’ mailbox holders do not receive single flyers. They only receive mail address to that box number, mail from their Member of Parliament and community newspapers that are exempt from the ruling. Presently in the Coronation post office, 150 of the 894 boxes do not get the flyers.

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