Flagstaff County proceeding with maintenance shop project

Flagstaff County announced in a Nov. 24 press release from Cary Castagna, Communications Coordinator, that they are moving forward with our planned maintenance shop project in a continued effort to provide a high standard of service.
Aging infrastructure and moisture issues with inherent health and safety concerns combined with a lack of space to maintain and repair their growing fleet of equipment – factors initially identified in 2012 – have necessitated that we build a new maintenance shop.
Over the past 41 years, the size of their fleet has more than quadrupled, from approximately 50 pieces of equipment in 1975 to 214 pieces today. That growth has paralleled rising public expectations, along with increased demands, including the recent additions of the Hamlets of Strome and Galahad now under the County’s governance.
Each individual piece of equipment is also much larger in 2016 compared to 1975. We are simply unable to accommodate more than four decades of growth and progress within our current facility.
Fortunately, now is a good time to build. In order to ensure efficient cost savings and capitalize on current market conditions, construction is targeted to begin in the summer of 2017 with completion by the spring of 2018.
Rather than tearing down the current building, it will be used primarily for storage.
MSI Grant funding is earmarked for the bulk of the project. Remaining costs are expected to be covered by Building Reserves. No debenture borrowing will be required.
Following an extensive tendering process, Flagstaff County Council awarded the project management services contract at their Sept. 28 meeting to Edmonton-based RPM Consulting Services Inc.
As part of the planning phase, a needs assessment is now underway to identify the functional needs of the new maintenance shop.

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