First performance of the decade!

Hughenden Public School cast and crew take a bow after the two plays on Tues. Jan. 21. From the left, William Stringer, Declan Lawrason, Bryden Laing, Alyssa Carson, Kallee Hope, Daylin Bengtson, Dillan Dambrowsky, Tomi Large, Kyra Campbell, Dawsyn Bomersback, Joni Motley, Gabe Sortland and Josie Degenhardt. ECA Review/Submitted

The first drama performance of the decade went up at Hughenden Public School (HPS) on Tues. Jan. 21.

HPS Grade 7 and 8 classes organized a school play with the help of their drama teacher, Mrs. Hoyt and it was staged for the public in the school’s gymnasium.

Students chose jobs in acting, lighting, sound, sets, props, costuming, stage management and front of house.

They’ve been rehearsing and preparing all semester and the big day finally came!

There were two plays. ‘Out of Order’ by Cherie Bennett was a quick sketch about Eve (of the Garden of Eden) accosting a high school girl with advice during a high school dance.

The other, ‘Off Road’ by Julianna Gross, showed two teenagers whose car breaks down on the side of a busy road and they talk about their innermost secrets and fears while waiting to be rescued.

Staff, students, parents, family members and community members attended the play, and everyone got to enjoy some snacks that were mentioned in the shows, including popcorn, apples and cupcakes.

Even though one of the performers couldn’t attend due to a bad case of strep throat, all understudies were prepared and excited and the show went on.

“I thought it was good,” said Grade 8 sound technician Christopher Legault in an interview following the play.

“The sounds were kinda hard to find but the work was okay.”

“I thought it was good in general,” said Frances Coral, who was in the audience.

“Even though some parts were confusing, I ended up liking it, and the performers were really good!”


by Thalia Legault,

Student reporter of the week

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