First-ever Wellness Day at Theresetta School

The junior high cohort doing the warrior 2 pose during Mrs. Charpentier’s morning yoga session to start Theresetta’s Wellness Day on March 19. ECA Review/Submitted
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Theresetta School hosted their first-ever Wellness Day on March 19, 2021. The day was filled with activities all focusing on the areas of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

The day started with a whole school yoga session led by Kathleen Charpentier. 

Junior high students joined Mrs. Charpentier in the gym, and other classes tuned in from their classrooms as she led everyone through the yoga practice. 

Students could be heard commenting, “This is hard!” and “My tree is in a hurricane…” and “How did you do that?” as they realized yoga isn’t as easy as yogis make it look! 

Afterwards, classes spend the majority of the day in their classrooms experiencing six other sessions. 

Guest presenters; Father Roger, Joanne Howe and Diana Wilson, each led the grades through a presentation on their area of expertise.

Father Roger joined the classes to talk about finding out “ who we are”and the characteristics that support people; temperance, justice, fortitude and prudence. 

Students talked about what these words meant then made a little plant pot that had the four characteristics written on the legs which supported the pot. They planted some chives and decorated the pot. 

Diana Wilson led the grades through some fun and upbeat cardio sessions. 

Some grades used little weights or food cans to add some resistance to their workout. 

Joanne Howe led each grade through a different gardening activity during her sessions.

The grade K/Grade 1/2 class spent time talking about the different parts of a plant and received a marigold for the kids to take home to nurture. 

In the Grade 3/4 room, Mrs. Howe had kids cutting out and colouring many pictures of fruits and vegetables to make a rainbow of plants. Then they set up some bean seeds to sprout. 

The Grade 5/6 class got to talk about all the benefits of gardening and how it can positively impact your life before making their own little greenhouse to grow three new seedlings. 

Lastly, the junior high classes learned all about the benefits of microgreens, even getting to taste a few Mrs. Howe already had growing. 

Students then planted their own microgreens to take home. 

To round out the other periods, classes worked through presentations about emotional wellbeing, mental wellbeing and healthy eating. 

To end the day, Tamina Miller joined the students and staff to lead them through a meditation session. 

She walked the groups through some meditation exercises including a walking meditation, a sitting meditation, and an eating meditation. 

The entire day was a great reminder that we can all find tools to help us when we need it. It is okay to not feel happy or healthy all the time, but hopefully students and staff learned some tools and strategies throughout the day to help them when they need it most.

By K. Smawley

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