Firearms seized from High River residents

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On June 30 residents of High River were allowed to collect firearms taken from their homes during the flood by RCMP.
Residents were escorted to the detachment to retrieve their firearms and then escorted back to the checkpoint.
RCMP took possession of firearms during flood relief operations in High River. All guns were tagged with the information required to ensure they could be returned to their lawful owner.
During the search and rescue operation, the RCMP said they found many gun owners had laid out their guns in plain view in order to move valuable possessions to higher ground in their homes. After confirming a home was vacant, police said they had no way of ensuring if guns left unattended would remain secure.
“The last thing any gun owner wants is to have their guns fall into the wrong hands,” said Assistant Commissioner Marianne Ryan, Criminal Operations “K” Division RCMP.
“Gun owners will  be provided the option of having the RCMP keep the guns until they are able to store them safely,” said Ryan.
During the search and rescue operations, the RCMP also seized a number of vehicles that were posing public safety hazards.

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