Fire truck’s new lease on life possible

Big Valley currently owns a 1960’s era Ford fire truck that has been sitting in the fire hall compound for some time.

Its only use for many recent years has been like an older vehicle in random parade entries but administration was told it will need $1,200 in repairs to make it operational again.

Council, after some deliberation on the direction to take at their Thurs. Jan. 23 meeting, chose to put the word out to the local historical society and to have an inspection done.

Another step they took is to explore the option of putting it to monument status.

A few people have voiced their interest in buying it but the village has declined all requests as they find the sentimental value many volunteer firefighters have for the machine is greater.

“I would like to see it kept here,” said Coun. Art Tizzard.

“I like the nostalgia but those old units… It’s $1,200 today but we spend more tomorrow. These old vehicles could be a money pit that I don’t want to get into,” added Coun. Clark German.

Community funding

CAO Sandra Schell received two letters from the Big Valley Community Centre and Legion for specific funding from the Community Foundation Fund after the Mon. Jan. 20 deadline.

The community centre asked for $120 for a new coffee machine.

“This would benefit the whole community plus the train [passengers] who are dining at the hall, also rentals and non-profit organizations,” said Val Erickson, secretary of the hall in her submission to council.

“In my opinion, the coffee crass is a great idea. It would serve the community at large so I would support the $120 for those,” said Coun. German.

Council concurred.

Erickson also requested $168 in a second letter to replace flags and clean cemetery gravestones as a Legion member.

Big Valley’s Legion puts out flags each year but Erickson has noticed some of the grave markers are in need of help.

They use distilled water, a soft soap, and soft-bristled brushes to clean them which the money would go towards these supplies.

A motion to release a total of $288 in funds from the community foundation fund was accepted.

Municipal Development Plan open house

The date for the completion of phase four of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was set for Tues. Feb. 25.

The village will be hosting an open house on this date to do an information intake and answer questions with the help of a third-party company who will create a digestible package once the suggestions are brought forward.

Once this part is done, the rest of it will be complete.

An MDP is a key policy plan that communicates the long-term desired land use for a community.

It is essentially a highlevel blueprint that shows how Big Valley may look in the future based on community expectation.

The village also received a grant to conduct this but administration has been dedicated to keeping costs low regardless.

Old business

Sections one and two of the Traffic Bylaw was reviewed to start off the Big Valley council meeting on Thurs. Jan. 23.

Sections 3 and 4 will be looked at later on as they slowly work through them.

Most of the terminology comes from the provincial Traffic Safety Act.


Terri Huxley

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