Fire incident in Donalda school gym

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A small localized fire in the Donalda School gym wall occurred on Thurs. March 14 at approximately 4 p.m. and was extinguished by the Stettler Regional Fire Department. 
The fire is believed to have started due to faulty wiring in the school gym and an investigation will take place to verify the actual cause.
Several staff members but no students were in the building when this incident occurred.
The school gymnasium will require extensive repair and will be closed until further notice. 
Due to smoke damage released throughout the school and the need for more cleanup, the school was closed for the remainder of this week and the entirety of next week.  This closure is necessary to ensure that our environment is safe for the return of students and staff. 
School staff and administration are currently discussing plans for learning to occur in an alternate location until the school is deemed safe for classes to resume.  The current plan would see students return to in-school classes after the Spring Break. 
The estimated costs to address the smoke damage includes at least $500,000 and will see significant remediation in the gym where the fire occurred.

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