Fire hall requests postponed in search of information from county

Written by Terri Huxley

Delia council held their regular meeting on Tues. May 11, with a couple of motions coming forth from the local fire department.

Dallas Stevens, fire chief of the Delia Fire Department asked the village for funding to upgrade the fire hall and replacement of the 1991 Ford Rescue truck as it has been taken out of service.

The hall has seen better days.

“Our current door is very narrow to try and squeeze our trucks through. The door has been hit and damage has already occurred because of the narrow space. 

The structure of the door is also in jeopardy because of the damage that occurred a few years ago,” stated Stevens in his email request to council.

He has asked for $50,000 to have a contractor install a wider door and support the damaged structure.

As for the fire truck, the department is in search of a one-ton truck to be converted into a rapid rescue truck that will carry water during fire season and can also be used as a rescue vehicle for motor vehicle accidents and EMT calls.

“This truck served many purposes and helped our department respond to many difficult calls throughout the years,” he said.

Currently the department is down two fire rescue apparatus’ and are in need of a third.

For the truck, skid unit and accessories, it is estimated to cost $50,000 as well.

Council ultimately chose to postpone both requests as there are many question marks associated with an expiring fire agreement between the villages and Starland County.

Administration and the mayor are hoping to speak with the county to get their questions answered before committing to any big projects.

Reimbursement request

Ms. R. Bobbie Hofer sent in a request asking the village to reimburse an invoice for $362.25 from Hanna Plumbing for costs incurred from a basement sewer backup situation that happened on March 10.

Photos were sent in to show the blockage that caused the disruption came from the village sewer line rather than personal property.

Council tabled the conversation until more information could be gathered as paying for the invoice could set a precedent.

Hotel still up for sale

In a split decision of 2 – 1, council chose to try again at selling the local hotel with a harder push through media channels to get it sold.

Mayor Sisley was opposed.

“We need to blast it and get the word out,” said Coun. Robin Thompson. “I don’t think it was well advertised.”

She added to the motion that they will list next time if there are no bids received again.

Administration had proposed the hotel be listed by two different real estate agencies to sell it on behalf of the village.

The deadline for bid submissions concluded on May 6 where no bids were received despite numerous conversations with a few interested buyers.

Insurance currently costs the village $97 per year as the hotel is vacant and only liability insurance placed on it.

Emergency solution trial

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Tracy Breese shared in her report that she attended a Municipal Engagement Session for emergency management. 

Logistics Canada has offered the village and surrounding municipalities a free year-long trial to use the system.

In essence, the program is a site that contains all informational resources in one place in case of local or regional emergency.

Council agreed to sign up for the first year and felt $149 per year afterwards was also reasonable which may lead to a review in the future for the service.

Sidewalk replacement beginning

As promised, the village is going to be getting new sidewalks in all areas that are damaged.

Construction began on Thurs. May 13 on 4 Ave. W.


Terri Huxley

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