Fire Chief Davidson reports to council

Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures 10 kilowatt Solar PV system in Morrin Alberta at the water plant installed by Goose Creek Renewable Energy.
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Fire Chief Darcy Davidson attended the regular Morrin council meeting on Wed. Dec. 19 to give the Fire Department’s annual report.

This included the department responding to six fires, 12 motor vehicle accidents, one medical emergency, one CO2 alarm and one river/water rescue throughout 2018.

He said members are training twice a month and are focused on water management and vehicle extrication.

He noted logged hours ran a total of 634.5, however, he emphasized that some members aren’t keeping track as often so likely the hourly total is approximately 800 to 900 hours per year.

Mayor Howard Helton asked for pertinent numbers for the budget for 2019 if the Fire Department was thinking of upcoming expenses for the replacement of outdated turn out gear that includes the coat, hat, helmet, boots and gloves.

Two sets can cost as high as $5,500 to $5,800.

Davidson said he’d prefer an annual purchase of two sets a year stating “then it would probably never get to where sets exceed the 10-year date for suggested replacement.”

Davidson noted that equipment approved by the Village of Morrin 10 months ago, other than an ‘attack hose’ have yet to be purchased, a list which had included a pump, supply hose, rope and lift bags.

Davidson noted they were still waiting for Starland County to approve.

The Village and the County share in the expenses for the fire department.

Council approved to the pay the village share for the purchase of six sets of firefighter structural-rated gloves and face shields at a cost of approximately $255 per set.

Davidson will get back to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner with accurate costs prior to the January meeting.

Cannabis bylaws addressed

Cannabis Bylaw #362 is a bylaw that will restrict consumption of cannabis in public places in the Village of Morrin which has now passed all three readings.

The Land Use Bylaw #363 regarding the location of cannabis retail sales development passed first reading and will now go to a public hearing in

January, as is required for all land use bylaw changes.

Sewer troubles

CAO Plachner explained to Council that the resident on Railway Ave. has had sewer backup problems three times recently.

Plachner called in a plumber to look at the issue and report back what the issues are to Council along with the bill.

Although the 2nd Ave. S. sewer main replacement has been suggested by MPE Engineering for the next major project to replace the line from a four to a six inch, Plachner said it may be Railway Ave. first which would cost less as the line, if needed, would only be a four-inch line replacement.

CAO Plachner will keep Council informed as the situation develops.

Larger snow bucket

Council approved a motion for $4,745 to purchase a larger bucket and blades to mount on to the JCB 214 backhoe.

In his written report, Public Works Foreman David Benci noted that by reducing labour and fuel costs with a larger bucket “the return on investment would be about 1.3 years based on last winter’s’ snow removal and would improve snow removal service to the community.”

Council concerns and reports

Coun. Graham questioned the absence of the Village of Morrin’s website.

“He was supposed to come to the meeting tonight,” explained CAO Plachner, “but I didn’t hear from him. I thought it would be up and running by now.”

Graham also reported that the Ag Society received funds for the chiller and manifold at the arena and have paid the down payment on it but have not got the final bill yet.

They are now raising funds for the roof.

The Library has a grant to cover wages however with wages going up due to the mandatory minimum wage increase there is concern the grant will not cover all the wages.

The Library Board has fixed the ceiling and upgraded their computers to comply with the library system and has repaired the furnace.

Mayor Helton reported on his meeting and an upcoming meeting whereby the members will be looking at the commercial and residential analysis, a tipping fee review and a tipping fee increase assessment.

They will also be reviewing the 2019 budget at the Drumheller Waste Management meetings.

Council discussed in a 35 minute closed session for Legal/FOIP issue, the salary analysis from Endeavor Chartered Accountants as to John Siemens request at the November meeting as to a discrepancy in RRSP payments, and a personnel issue to cover the CAO re-evaluation.


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