Few satisfaction surveys returned

Town office has only 19 Satisfaction Surveys returned, council heard at their March 11 regular council meeting which “19 isn’t exactly a statistical representation.”

“It’s to provide you guys with some advice and clarity moving forward,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk.

The survey is on the town website and can be downloaded for those who have misplaced their copy that had previously been distributed in the utility bills.

The survey is meant to give council a better idea of what the community hopes to see in the future and how they currently feel the town is doing in terms of service and other responsibilities.

Kulyk confirmed at the March 25 regular meeting that the numbers are up too.

MSI grant

The Town of Coronation received the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding as per the signing of an amended MSI Agreement. The original Agreement expires in March 2019 but the government has committed to continuing funding until 2022.

The MSI funding for Coronation last year amounted to $67,102 in MSI operating and $221,531 in MSI capital projects.

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