Fehr elected Mayor of Alix

Councillor Robert Fehr was elected mayor for the Village of Alix over Counc. Tim Besuijen by one vote during the last council meeting held on Oct. 25, 2017.

The following is Fehr’s mayoral acceptance speech from that same evening.

Mayor acceptance speech

“First, thank you to my fellow councillors for your vote of confidence in electing me mayor.

I feel quite confident that with our combined leadership skills and experience and your ongoing support, I will be able to discharge my duties effectively, with the dignity and vision due the office.

In regards to the operation of council and our direction over the next four years, I would like to set the tone for my expectations.

The past few years in Alix have been fraught with turmoil, misunderstanding, mistrust and negativity.

It is time to put all that aside.

To put a positive spin on this we need to attract and support local business, engage youth and seniors, stop living in the past and rejecting anything new, and above all, cease to become complacent, thinking our community is welcoming and attractive to prospective newcomers.

We need to become proactive in welcoming families and businesses to Alix as well as encouraging beautification of our village to make it an attractive place to be.

Our council, along with a strong administration need to take leadership responsibility for these initiatives, but all stakeholders in our community need to commit to cooperative action if we are to achieve our vision for Alix as a prosperous, thriving and embracing community in which to live, work and play.

As your mayor, it is my intention to work diligently for these goals.

To those who may be coined “CAVEs” (citizens against everything) or “FEARS” (fire-up everyone against reasonable solutions), I say this, ‘Please direct your considerable energies towards enhancing Alix both within our community and in the eyes of those around us’.

No-one wants to move into a community full of contention and animosity.

I look forward to serving you as your mayor while we work together over the next four years to make Alix the best small municipality in Alberta.”

Other council news

The remainder of the meeting saw the Village of Alix council approve committees, delegates and liaisons as well as opting for no changes to the council meeting day or time.

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