Feeling sorry for UCP

Dear Editor,

It is not often I feel sorry for politicians, however, in the case of the United Conservative Party (UCP) I will make an exception. 

Premier Kenny inherited a disaster from the New Democrat Party (NDP), then even worse the election of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals, but it was just beginning as COVID-19 was lurking around the corner. 

It, along with the Liberals desire to destroy Alberta’s economy, have left him in a hard place. 

When the UCP tried to counter the left wing propaganda about the oil and gas industry, they were attacked for wasting money. 

I assume the attackers would prefer the misinformation and those behind it would prevail. Many will not be happy until the energy sector in Alberta is shuttered. 

Recently the UCP floated the idea of allowing coal mining on the eastern slopes as had the NDP. From the reaction you would think that they planned to level the Rockies. 

They were proposing mining metallurgical coal which is in great demand and will continue to be. I do not like to look at open pit mines but my understanding is that they would occupy a very small area while providing good jobs, although not much for royalties. 

It sounds similar to the oil-sands which seem enormous when you are there but I challenge you to go on Google Earth and find them without referencing Ft. McMurray. 

I have been there and the companies involved are cleaning up the area which has been leaking oil into the rivers for centuries. 

The land that is mined and restored is in much better condition. 

I also would encourage you to look at the lithium and cobalt open pit mines. It seems that those against all exploitation of our resources would prefer Alberta  become a park administered by the Magi of the UN. 

Albertan’s children and grandchildren would have to move elsewhere to find employment unless they became park wardens giving tours to eco tourists who  arrive in electric cars powered by good intentions and Trudeau pixie dust. 

Better come in the summer, winter is not kind on electric cars. Do not disturb a leaf or snail! 

Without oil and gas, agriculture would have to resort to true horsepower, alas, unlike cows which burb, horses do fart.

I believe God does not make mistakes. I believe that he placed the coal, oil and gas in and on the Earth for us to extract and use wisely and I believe that there is no one better than Albertans to do this. 

I hear people saying Premier Kenny has to resign because he has lost the confidence of Albertans. 

My question is, who would replace him? Rachael Notley or even better Allison Redford? They would both be better at throwing money down the drain but is that what you want for future generations. 

Have Premier Kenny and the UCP made mistakes, in hindsight? Absolutely. I have lots of opinions but could I have done a better job, no. 

To those calling for his resignation, remember you and I do not have the information he has.

Also, Premier Kenny probably should not have invested Alberta’s money in Keystone XL but if COVID had not hit, President Trump would have been re-elected and it would have looked like a brilliant move. 

Unlike President Trump, President Biden’s strings are pulled by China who did not want Keystone built. 

My criticisms of Premier Kenny are that he has not been tough enough. We should have our own police force, pension plan and tax department just like Quebec. 

We should be having a vote on equalization or better, separation but having no better alternative I will support him.


Gord Snell,

Three Hills. Alta.

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