Feel they are entitled to live off of government benefits provided by the taxpayers

Here  we go again. Last year it was the “Wall Street Protest” and now it is the “Idle No More”. If only these people would take those words to heart. They have far too much idle time on their hands. I think the majority of these people don’t really want to work and think they are entitled to benefits made possible by those of us that do work. I have been watching these protests that are taking place on television and have learned that many of the same suspects that were involved in last winter’s protests are the ones demonstrating in this one. These are a bunch of useless lazy lefties that have nothing to do with the aboriginal situation. They won’t work but feel they are entitled to live off of government benefits provided by the taxpayers that do work!
But what has really got my goat is the attitude of a segment of the aboriginal community. Many of them fit into the same category as the ones I referred to in the previous paragraph. I think it is pretty rich of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence to be putting on a so called hunger strike to protest aboriginal poverty when she is personally scamming her own reserve to the tune of more than $270,000.
That reserve has about 1800 people, about 300 people less than Castor and Coronation combined. I don’t know for sure but I would guess that the total annual pay received by those mayors and councils would not exceed $50,000. Out of pocket expenses would be extra. Last year the Chiefs and council of  Attawapiskat paid themselves over $600,000.
Travel expenses  were extra. They have a stock portfolio of about nine million dollars. That reserve has received 90 million dollars from the Federal government since 2006. They have received many more millions of dollars from a mine that is operating right next to the reserve, in fact 100 of their residents have jobs at the mine. Now tell me where the hell is all that money going when the majority of their people are living in abject poverty? Just think what Coronation and Castor could do with that kind of money.
These statistics were released by Sun Media and they are available on some government web site.  I would like to know why the ‘consensus’ media and the government are not publishing this information.
The aboriginal communities receive about 9 billion dollars in direct annual compensation from the Federal government. In addition they receive several more billion dollars in indirect compensation such as welfare payments and the like. I believe it is fairly obvious that the Chiefs of these communities have been lining their pockets with much of this money, living in luxury, while allowing the people they are supposed to represent to live in squalor. The ordinary people in these communities are intimidated and bullied to the extent that they are afraid to complain, so this graft and extortion does not get exposed.
The protesters do not really know what they want. They say they are opposed to Bill C-45. They have taken this bill out of context. It was designed to make it easier for economic development to take place on the reserves. The government has also passed legislation that will require the reserves to publish their financial statements. I think this whole protest thing is a smoke screen by the Chiefs to stop  legislative change. They know if this becomes effective their gravy train will be over.
The meeting that is scheduled for January 11 will be a waste of time unless the real issue of accountability is addressed. You can be sure that the Chiefs will fight that tooth and nail. The old treaty system simply is not working in this day and age. The fact is it never did work. It needs to be restructured so those people can take responsibility for themselves. If they had property rights there might be some incentive for them to help themselves. Of course, the aboriginal hierarchy will not agree to any change in the treaty as it would undermine their authority.
Herman Schwenk

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