Fear mongering

I came across two letters or columns recently that were published in rural weekly papers that are in my opinion factually false but still very interesting.
If you were to were to accept the info in these publications as factually correct and then look at a picture of Jason Kenney in a paper you would wonder where are his horns?
One letter to the Editor was written by the MLA from Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville, the other one was a column in a regional paper. It was obvious from the tone of these people that Jason Kenny and the UCP are to be feared mightily.
Were you to accept the critique of these people literally you would have to assume that there isn’t really a United Conservative Party. It is a Jason Kenney party.
MLA Jessica Littlewood has come up with a whole litany of false accusations about what all Jason Kenney is going to do if he becomes the next Alberta premier.
For example “his plan includes a $700 million tax giveaway for the top one percent of earners making more than $300,000, and plans to introduce American style health care”.
He plans to sell off Crown Corporations such as the ATB.
She knows this because he was advocating for this when he was with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation over 20 years ago.
The columnist that I was referring to is an advocate for The Alberta Party, which is the progressive side of the old PC Party.
The columnist stated, “ The Alberta Party believes government’s role is to facilitate economic investment by reducing red tape and by encouraging entrepreneurship.
That is basically the philosophy of Conservatives.
The writer says that the UCP’s idea of fiscal responsibility is simple austerity.
Some austerity is necessary, example: getting rid of a large percentage of the high priced nonproductive bureaucrats in our Capital Cities ivory towers.
There is no mention of how high taxes discourage investment, the job killing carbon tax or the business disincentives that will occur for small business and agriculture from the new labour code legislation.
These people are assuming that the UCP policy development will be the same as political policy development has been forever.
The NDP, Liberal and the old PC party all did policy development from the top down.
Resolutions passed at policy conventions were just there to make delegates at the convention feel like they were contributing to a process when in fact policy development was always top down.
We all know what the NDP stands for, high taxes so government can control every aspect of our lives.
The Alberta Party is progressive or just another Liberal party. If they became government, it is my opinion they would only tweak the old PC policies and probably would not repeal much of what the NDP has done to Alberta including leaving the carbon tax in place. Deficit financing would continue.
Jason Kenney will not be the one to determine party policy.
Grassroots members at the May 4 – 6 convention in Red Deer will decide UCP policy. The document released by the UCP executive was for discussion purposes only.
The only policy that I have heard Jason make was that the carbon tax would be repealed.
He is confident that UCP members would support that 100 per cent.
Progressives believe that party elites are the ones to develop policy. They don’t like populist politics and to some degree that is what grassroots policy development is.
That tends to scare the be-jabbers out of bureaucrats who essentially control progressive governments.
It is time for Alberta to drastically change the way policy is developed in this province.

by Herman Schwenk

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