Favourite local phone book to be published

The ECA Review is once again publishing a favourite of everybody, a local coil bound phone book, handy for keeping in the car and near your home phone and certainly handy because of much larger print.  It also includes a numerical listing.
This phone book covers from the border, Altario to Halkirk including Consort, Veteran, Coronation and Castor.
If you have a Home-based Business and wish to get your phone number listed under your product name ($15), or listed in bold printing ($20) or you can advertise in the phone book for as little as $75 which is inexpensive since the phone book remains in circulation for a couple years or more.
New people are moving into the community all the time and you need to tell them where they can reach their favourite products.
If you have a cell number and would like it published in this book, call us today.  A local listing is only $15.
All the phone numbers normally appearing in the phone company’s book are in this book at no cost.
Businesses:  If we have not contacted you, please give us a call.  This phone book is the favourite of many people and although it’s been four years since the last one was printed, people are still buying the old one.
Publication of the new book is scheduled for the first part of January so don’t delay.

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