False alarm at pool again

Rec Director Barry Brigley reported that after the pool was closed for the season, a false alarm on the chlorine detector went off for a second time this year. It will be checked again, but, according to CAO Sandra Kulyk, it will be less expensive this time because it will not be an emergency trip.
Brigley also reported that the new handicap lift will be installed into the pool in time for next year.
“I think it’s great,” said Coun. Vickey Horkoff, “because sometimes water therapy is the best.”
It will also make the pool accessible to some seniors who have mobility issues.
Under the Public Works report, Allan Smith was granted approval to pull and replace the pump and motor on the bulk water well at the town shop for approximately $10,000.
The well is used for several things, including watering flowers, washing the pool, flooding the outdoor ice surface, steaming culverts and an emergency water supply for the fire department.

Traffic Bylaw
Research by CAO Kulyk found that most towns and cities include motor homes and travel trailers under the definition of ‘recreation vehicles’.
An amended bylaw will be prepared for council’s consideration that will change the definition to include motor homes, holiday trailer, trailer, camper, tent trailer, any van or bus converted for use as a recreational vehicle, boat trailer, ATV trailer or non-commercial utility trailers.

Historic Buildings
Council approved a project to commemorate five of Coronation’s historic buildings, including the hospital, school, hotel, Elk’s Hall and Coronation creamery.
CAO Kulyk researched through the Glenbow Institute and government registries and provided a draft of the copy, layout of each plaque and photos.
It is planned to place the information and photo on metal plaques at the original location of each business.
A good photo of the creamery and possibly a better one of the Elks Hall needs to be found.
Paintearth Economic Partnership Society is providing $5,000 grant dollars for the project.
Following an 18 minute in-camera, council motioned to compensate the bylaw officer at the rate of $38.50 per hour for extraordinary bylaw enforcement services that were provided in August and September.
Council also motioned to accept the offer relating to the surrender of the mobile home at 5225 Victoria Avenue.

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