Exciting events at Theresetta

The Kindergarten students at Theresetta School, Castor, Ab. making their gingerbread men. From the left,  Anthony Heidecker, Finlay Hanton, Brody Schulmeister, Ethan Weber and Tessa Beaumont. ECA Review/Submitted

By the time this article goes to print the students and teachers at Theresetta school will be kicked back on their couches munching on Christmas cookies.
Many excited things have been happening at Theresetta leading up to our holiday break…
At Theresetta we have a Social Justice Club that serves others by raising money for people around the world and in our own community. The club tries to find projects that they feel are an immediate need, then come up with a fundraiser to support it.
After finding out that our priest, Fr. Don, needed to return to Nigeria for his mother’s funeral, we thought it would be nice to help him out with expenses, and to show him our love and support at this sad time.
A few weeks ago, one of the students asked Fr. Don what his favourite food was. After finding out it was rice and chicken, we decided to serve a hot lunch on Thurs. Dec. 8, of chicken with a pineapple sweet and sour sauce.
He also said he likes cherries, so the kids baked some cakes and made a yummy cherry sauce to go on top.
Some of the students in the SJC stayed after school Wednesday to help Mrs. Howe and Mrs. Ries cook. They were terrific helpers; they peeled carrots, chopped veggies, made sauces, baked cakes and did dishes.
We were happy to raise $660 to help Fr. Don go to his home country of Nigeria to be with his family for his mother’s funeral.
There was excellent support from everyone in our school community and we wish Father Don and safe trip.
Recently, the Grade 1/2s had a blast learning some new skills on the chromebooks with our school division tech guru, Mr. Lademan.
We are continuing to use the chromebooks this week doing a review game called Kahoot for social and science.
The kindergarten kids have been practicing a lot for the concert. This week they made gingerbread men, acted out the gingerbread man, and did a science experiment involving the gingerbread man.
On Thurs. Dec. 15, they had their Christmas party. They made some really nice gingerbread houses and Santa came for a visit too.
Also on Thursday, the Jr ATB bank was open and 21 customers made a visit to the bank at noon to make deposits.
The December winner for a $25 gift card was Tessa Beaumont.
We had our last spirit day of the year on Mon. Dec. 19. The students will be decked out in Christmas themed hats. That night we will also have our annual Christmas concert were four different plays performed for parents and family.
All students be enjoyed some sort of the “End of the Year” field trips on Tues. Dec. 20. Photos and details from all these event are to come in the New Year.
Theresetta Catholic School would like to wish everyone and their families a healthy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
See you all in 2017!

K. Smawley

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