Everyone has an opinion on climate change

Dear Editor,

Questions I have regarding climate change.

All forms of military since WWI, including the atomic bombs, I ask, where did all the radiation go??

Space program: every time something is sent to space, what does that cause in our atmosphere? All airplanes and especially jet planes.

What is the pollution from just one of those jet planes?

Our throw-away society – An appliance used to last for 20 or more years. No more and now it’s cheaper to throw it away than to fix it.

Global trade across the oceans. Every time we have another trade agreement, more ships are crossing the ocean.

More pollution with the larger ports and larger ships. Where will it all end?

We should trade on our own continent and ‘save the whales’.

Cruise ships – Where is all the waste and garbage going when out of port? The ships just keep getting bigger.

For all the talk about ‘climate change’, regarding Calgary’s 100 year flood, I’d like to see a map of Calgary and area 100 years ago and see what’s changed.

If you build near a river maybe in 100 years you should expect a flood now and then.

For all the people who want to get off fossil fuels, you have giant wind generators in your front yard or in the ocean to screw up your view.

As for wind generators, what is the true cost to the environment? Where do you get all the products? What pollution is there in the steel factories to build one and where are they built, what’s the cost of maintenance?

There should have been solar on every rooftop years ago.

There has to be common sense.

Ask the right questions, get off your ‘smart devices’ and use your own brains.

The climate is always changing.

Look at history – pollution is something altogether different.

How are your electric cars built? Where do you get the power to run them?

Electricity doesn’t grow on trees. There’s an ecological cost to that too.

One more thought: If you want to get rid of some statues, the worst offenders is the British government taking all goods and riches back to England, imposing their rule on us.

We are not in the medieval days any more. We are supposed to be our own country, Canada a long time ago.

Everyone has an opinion. At least have a conversation.


Sheila Faulkner, Donalda, Ab.

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