“Every student is a success story waiting to be told”

Eleventh grader, Dulcie Turner, making pancakes for the welcome back breakfast held at Hughenden School on Sept. 2.
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Hughenden teachers were back to work on the Aug. 26 getting their classrooms and lessons ready for the first day.

Staff were in Vermilion on Fri., Aug. 28 where they attended a keynote presentation by Professor Garfield Gini-Newman from the University of Toronto.  Staff then collaboratively worked in their professional learning groups, setting goals to develop lessons increasing student engagement.

On Mon. Aug. 31 all Hughenden staff were involved in a professional development session led by Tom Hierck.  This workshop focussed on relationship building with many of the ideas focussed around Hierck’s belief that “every student is a success story waiting to be told”.

Once again Leadership students hosted a welcome back breakfast for their classmates.  Bright and early (7:30 a.m.) Tuesday morning a whole contingent of dedicated students came in and flipped pancakes so their classmates could enjoy a hot breakfast.

The front foyer showed off a brand new bike donated by Corey Jasper of Canadian Tire in Wainwright.  This bike will be won by a student at the end of the year as a draw amongst those students who have achieved varying reading goals.

Students were excited to see the new student learning common/lounge that has been created in what was the old computer lab.

Athletic Director Ryan Duffett will once again be organizing an intra-mural program to be held at noon hour.  Golf teams have been established and students will soon be attending the junior and senior high tournaments.

Volleyball practices are well underway.  An open house evening is scheduled for Sept. 16.  Students are invited to bring their families and come and share snacks as they introduce their parents to the staff.  Classroom displays can also be enjoyed.

A back to school dance has been organized for the evening of Sept. 18.  All of who plan to attend are encouraged to participate by dressing up for the western theme of the evening.

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