Evening of music and laughter

Submitted by Jamie Geddes

The Forestburg Golden Age Club hosted an Albertan musical comedy duo, Richard and Deborah Popovich on Fri. April 15 at the Golden Age Senior Centre located in the Big Knife Villa.

The Popovich’s entertained to a packed crowd as they incorporated humour and country music in an interactive style program.  Richard Popovich kept the audience on their toes as he engaged several members of the audience with his quick wit, light-hearted banter and teasing.

He also encouraged the audience to sing, clap, and howl along while they performed.

Richard Popovich showcased his talents as he sang Leroy Vandyke’s song “The Auctioneer” and Geoff Mack’s song “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

Deborah Popovich regaled the audience with her melodic voice and her keen ability to play the straight man or rather woman to her husband’s antics.

“I am good with Richard being the comedian” said Deborah. “We love to entertain and really enjoy the audience’s responses.”

The Popovich’s met while playing in a band called The Orange Blossom Special.  The duo broke off to carve out their special niche in the entertainment market.

The Popovich’s have entertained audiences throughout Western Canada for well over 20 years.  They are regular performers on the The Alberta Prairie Steam Train, a popular tourist attraction that operates out of Stettler.  The duo has done 3,000 plus shows on that train which carries over 30,000 riders annually.

The couple recently performed at a fundraiser in Hythe, Ab. to raise funds for Tim and Bethani Webb who are expecting four identical baby girls.

When asked if they had future goals or anything they had not done, the Popovich’s exclaimed simultaneously, “No!”

Richard Popovich says, “We enjoy coming into the smaller communities. It is thrilling to watch the audience play along and commit to the experience, whether we play a concert, a fundraiser, a dance or perform dinner theatre. We enjoy performing and find it rewarding.”

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