Ethics versus economics?

It has nothing to do with defeating the ‘elites’, reducing government expenses or keeping taxes low. It has everything to do with integrity, morality and common decency.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s propensity for lies, alcohol, drugs, vile behaviour and cavorting with gang members didn’t just happen. It takes an addiction, arrogance and enablers.
The spin is now on to make out that Ford is an economic genius worth supporting.
Unfortunately, Ford is no economic saviour, he and his gang friends are a costly drag on society.
Gangs and drugs have turned a once nice, safe city of Toronto into a gun and murder culture.  Gang wars have spiked police, court, penitentiary, health care and social service costs. It has left innocent victims gunned down and grieving families.
It’s very disturbing that the Prime Minister’s Office has been silent on the topic except for a tiny slap on the wrist to Ford, whereas they immediately called Liberal leader Justin Trudeau unfit for leadership for smoking weed!
There’s a problem of balance when fundamentalist conservatives (as best represented by the Tea Party in the U.S.) rationalize that any behaviour and all actions are acceptable if an individual is a defender of low taxes, free enterprise and small government – that the ends justify the means.
Jason Kenney, the minister of employment and social justice, is one conservative leader who has called for Rob Ford’s resignation. Kenney said, and rightfully so, that Ford had brought dishonour to the City of Toronto and to the public office generally.
Earlier in the month he had also defended Nigel Wright, Harper’s former chief of staff, when Harper was depicting him as the sole architect of the ‘deception’ surrounding the repayment of Sen. Mike Duffy’s disallowed expenses.
The world doesn’t become a vile, corrupt place when bad people do bad things. A society sinks into immorality and corruption when good people do nothing, or even worse enable bad people.
What a slippery slope it becomes when economics trumps ethics at all costs.
A lot of Canadians may favour Conservative economic policies, but many of these same people do not want it at any cost!
The by-elections held on Monday in solidly-Conservative ridings in Manitoba saw Trudeau’s Liberals receiving almost 50 per cent of the popular vote in a narrow loss in one riding, and gaining a significant percentage of popular votes in the other.
These results don’t mean they’ll dump the Conservatives in a general election, but it is a definite wake-up call for Prime Minister Harper and his PMO staff – ethics, honesty, and integrity does matter to many moderate Conservatives.
Former Prime Minister Paul Martin was the best Finance Minister in recent Canadian memory.  He eliminated the deficit, ruled with surplus budgets, paid down the debt and lowered taxes.  But after the sponsorship scandal, moderate Liberals turned and voted Conservative.
Ethics and honesty is the reason Harper became Prime Minister, not economics.  And it will be ethics that brings down Harper, not economics!

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