Estimated total tax revenue would be $964,975

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Village of Delburne councillors learned from the provincial government that the equalized assessment rate for residential property has dropped 0.11 per cent from the previous fiscal year at their regular council meeting on March 26, 2019.

The assessment rate for commercial property has increased 9.9 per cent.

Administration reported that given these rates, the estimated total tax revenue would be $964,975.

Chief Administrative Officer CAO) Karen Fegan indicated this amount would bring the village an additional $24,000 over last year’s total revenue.

Council was also told that the tax rates for the School Requisition levy and the Senior Housing Foundation had not yet been set by the provincial government.

In other Council news, the committee responsible for the dispersal of funds from the Delburne Community Support Grant Program has allocated $18,875.28 to 11 organizations and event organizers in the community, all of whom had applied for funding.

All 11 applicants received half or more of their total requests. The Committee informed Administration that this allocation was the Spring portion of the grant program.

The Fall portion will be allocated in late September.

Council will provide funding for the Boys and Girls Club educational sessions to be held in July based on student pre-registration at $20 per student.

Council has set aside three dates in April to develop the Village Strategic Plan.


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