Erskine 4-H Beef Club 2022-23 wrap up

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The Erskine 4-H Beef Club along with other clubs from the Stettler District had their annual female show as well as their steer show and sale on May 22 – 23, 2023.
The atmosphere was electric and filled with the humming of excited members ready to show off this year’s projects.

The 2023-23 Erskine 4-H club members included, from the left, back row: Dryton Haustein, Jaydon Haustein, Aryann Haustein, Kate Chapman, Rayell Haustein, Addisyn Hogg, Mackenna Hogg, Brooklyn Smith, Branson Chapman, Luke Henderson and Denver Shaw. Front row: Meyer Rowledge, Khylin Haustein, Jack Chapman, Bria Riggins, Rhett Shaw, Claire Bullick, Wynne Henderson, Dayton Wilson, Bennett Rowledge and Lily Bullick. Missing was member Chance Morbeck. ECA Review/Submitted


Female show
Luke Henderson from the Erskine Club received first place in the Club yearling heifer class with Aryann Haustein placing second and Dryton Haustein placing third. Luke Henderson also was awarded Reserve Grand Champion Yearling Heifer.

In the Club’s 2-year-old female class, Luke Henderson placed first with Rayell Haustein in second and Lily Bullick in third. Luke Henderson was also awarded Reserve Grand Champion 2-year-old female.

In the Club’s 3-year-old female class, Rayell Haustein placed first followed by Aryann Haustein in second and Dryton Haustein in third. Rayell Haustein was also awarded Reserve Grand Champion 3-year-old female.

In the District Herd Class, Aryann Haustein was awarded Reserve Grand Champion Herd.

Steer show
During the Steer Show, Luke Henderson placed first in the Club’s junior class as well as placed first in grooming and showmanship.

Kate Chapman placed second in the junior class and second in grooming followed by third in showmanship.

In the show, Lily Bullick placed third. She also placed third in grooming. Bennett Rowledge placed second in showmanship.

In the Club’s Intermediate class, Branson Chapman placed first as well as first in showmanship and second in grooming.

Dayton Wilson placed second and received second place for showmanship and placed first for grooming. In third place in the Club’s show was Denver Shaw. Dryton Haustein placed third in grooming.

In our Club’s senior class, Rayell Haustein placed first and received first place for showmanship. Aryann Haustein placed second in the class. She also received first in grooming and second in showmanship. In third place was Jaydon Haustein who also received third in grooming.

Lastly, Brooklynn Smith placed second in grooming and received third place in showmanship.

Our Club Champion was Luke Henderson, Rayell Haustein was our Reserve Club Champion.

In Junior Team Grooming, Luke Henderson and Kate Chapman placed second overall.

In Judging, Luke Henderson placed second in the junior category. Dryton Haustein placed first in the intermediate category. In the senior category, Rayell Haustein placed first overall.

The highest rate of gain in our club was achieved by Branson Chapman with a rate of 3.55 lbs/day. Kate Chapman’s steer was a super close runner-up at 3.54 lbs/day.
For their final year of 4-H, Chance Morbeck, Rayell Haustein and Jaydon Haustein were the bursary recipients for 2023.

Other awards received by our club members included Senior Top Hand won by Jaydon Haustein and Most Dedicated won by Rayell Haustein.

The Erskine 4-H Cleavers were presented with the award for the Best Stall Display at the annual Stettler District 4-H Show and Sale. Big Valley Beef Leader, Raelene Sobchyshyn presented the trophy to, from the left, back row: Rayell Haustein and Charlie Rowledge; front row: Meyer Rowledge, Wynne Henderson, Bria Riggins, Claire Bullick and Rhett Shaw. Each club has to come up with a theme for the stall area, make the stall welcoming and tidy, and tells them a bit about the club and its members and their projects. The Erskine Club went with a hockey theme and each member was identified based on what their ranks would be if they were a hockey team. ECA Review/Submitted

Card of Thanks
The members of the Erskine 4-H Beef Club would like to thank all of this year’s buyers as well as our families and friends for all of their support.
The members of the Erskine Club worked extremely hard this year and hope to have another successful year of 4-H next year. #LOVECOWS, #EATBEEF.

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