Enrolment down from budgeted numbers

The 2012-2013 preliminary enrolment numbers for the division were presented.  As of September 6, 2012, 1,456 students are enrolled in PLRD with 130 of these students in half-time kindergarten programs. This enrolment is 24 full-time equivalent students (FTE) less than projected when preparing the budget. As such, the operating budget will be adjusted to deal with the approximately $140,000 funding shortfall.  The Prairie Land Regional Division (PLRD) #25 trustees assembled on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 for their annual organizational meeting. Edward Brinkman was elected Board Chair, Vice-chair is Elaine Horner, and the Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Vern Thuroo. Other roles and responsibilities have been assigned as follows:

Support Staff/Driver Negotiating Committee – Elaine Horner, Duane Roy and Vern Thuroo.
Term of Conditions of Employment – Edward Brinkman, Elaine Horner and Vern Thuroo.
Discipline Committee – Lyle Cawiezel, Marsha Tkach and Duane Roy.
Scholarship Committee – Lyle Cawiezel, Sam Vogel and Angie Warwick.
Support Staff Liaison Committee – Lyle Cawiezel and Marsha Tkach.
ATA Negotiating Committee – Edward Brinkman, Marsha Tkach and Sam Vogel
Alberta School Boards Association Zone 5 representative – Edward Brinkman/ Angie Warwick.
Public School Boards Association of Alberta representative – Marsha Tkach/ Sam Vogel.
Starland County Family and Community Support Services representative – Edward Brinkman/ Lyle Cawiezel.
Following the organizational meeting, the regular meeting was convened.
2011-2012 scholarships awarded
Twelve scholarships were awarded to 10 students. The list of winners’ names will be sent to the media for publication once individuals have been notified.  The Board congratulates all scholarship recipients and wishes them success in their studies.

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