Engineering competition success

Garnet Crookes, a former Coronation School student, took part in the national Canadian Engineering Competition in Waterloo, Ont. during the first week of March 2019. Crookes and his team placed third. ECA Review/Submitted

Garnet Crookes, a former Coronation School student recently took part in the Canadian Engineering Competition in Waterloo, Ont.

He is in his final year of engineering at the University of Alberta.

Crookes was part of the four-person team that won the Edmonton campus competition in December.

In January they were off to Winnipeg, Mb. to compete in the Western Engineering Competition (WEC) where they placed first.

They advanced to nationals in Waterloo the first week of March.

The teams in the consulting division were given a large scale engineering problem.

They had eight hours to develop a solution and present it to a panel of judges.

Crookes’ team placed third. “It was an honour to represent Alberta in the competition with all of Canada, and was a great experience,” said Crookes.



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