Engaging visitors at the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum

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A scavenger hunt for children includes locating 11 small plastic alligators as part of a scavenger hunt for children at the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum. The Village of Alix mascot is “Alixgator”.  ECA Review/Submitted





Small plastic alligators hide among the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum exhibits so youngsters visiting can spot them.
The mascot for the Village of Alix is “Alixgator”.
Museum staff have made several “scavenger hunts” with thumbnail photos of artifacts, so the children can check them off when they find them and we challenge them to find all 11 alligators as well while doing this.
We move the alligators from time to time and we have scavenger hunts of different complexities so we can offer this event to all ages.
The idea is to engage the visitors, give children their own activity, and have a bit of fun.

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