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Dear Editor,

The climate change debates are raging.

Children are missing school and protesting in the streets.

Schools and universities are supposed to be institutions where ideas are questioned and facts and alternatives are identified and discussed.

Why has no one asked the question as to how much influence Canada’s CO2 emissions or lack of, would have any positive effect on total world emissions and therefore no whatsoever positive effect on the climate?

The NDP and Green Party can find a glimmer of hope to have some political influence and may even hold the balance of power in a Liberal minority government.

This scenario would have a devastating effect on Canada’s economy and its ability to feed itself and the world.

Unless some absolutely amazing discoveries are made in the next 30 years, regarding replacing fossil fuel to produce and distribute food and energy, the elimination of this energy source will result in thousands of people starving in a year, millions starving in two years and billions starving to death in three years.

Canadians live in one of the coldest climates in the world, with the greatest distances and is the second largest country on earth.

If natural gas was eliminated, as a heat and energy source for Canadians and with only wind and solar alternatives, we will freeze in the dark.

The state of California, with its millions of solar panels and thousands of wind generators, can only at maximum output produce 35 per cent of electrical needs.

California also burns more fossil fuel per day than all of Canada.

The climate change debate reminds me of the witch hunts of early American history where no one would stand up to the status quo, hoping not to be drawn into the unjust and hateful system of burning people at the stake for ‘imagined’ crimes.

Tim Ball, a well-known climatologist, was taken to court in just such a manner and eventually, the case was dismissed due to lack of disclosures by the plaintiff and court costs were awarded to Dr. Ball but only after much harassment and endless delays.

I hope the readers of this great newspaper will make their voices heard on this great witch hunt taking place in Canada and around the world.

One thing I am certain of, premature stoppage of fossil fuel around the world will result in billions of deaths to starvation, overheating, no power for air conditioning, (eg. California) and freezing in Canada and Russia.

I’ve included a chart by the Union of Concerned Scientists, of World countries CO2 emissions per country and not per capita as is always stated.


Walter Suntjens, rancher/farmer

Hanna, Alta.

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